What is Smart Metrix

Data is the new oil. For this reason, ECON Tech developed a suite of solutions to give it the best use, based on data patterns to generate knowledge, deliver insights, and make better decisions. Smart Metrix uses statistics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, domain knowledge, and optimization methods.

This is what you can achieve by putting your data to work.


Quality Prediction

Increase Productivity

Failure Prediction

Reduction of cabon footprint

Improve Security

You only need DATA, the most, the BEST!
If you don’t have data, we can help you by giving the first step, digitalizing!
Our experts will help you determine the right technology for your plant according to your needs and goals

Smart Metrix Solutions

Why Ignition?

Unlimited Licensing Model​
Scalable Server-Client Architecture​
Cross-Platform Compatibility
Align with ISA-95
Run Web-Clients on Desktop or Mobile
Modular Configurability​
One Universal Platform​
System Security and Stability

Need consultancy? Don’t hesitate to contact us

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