What is Smart Factory 4.0

The convergence between IT & OT takes Industrial Digital Transformation to a new level, digitizing processes, getting data from them in real-time, and making timely decisions with tremendous impact on the entire company.

Universal Industrial Platform

We can’t speak about Digital Transformation without talking about a Universal Industrial Platform and its benefits by connecting the whole company, from the ERP, sensors, PLC, SCADA, and more, with the highest security standards, allowing holistic decision-making.

ECON Tech is an Ignition Premier Certified Integrator with more than 6 years of experience developing Industrial Digital Transformation projects across 10 industries.

What you can achieve with our solutions

Increase the availability of your equipment

Improve your production performance


Find your

Record downtimes automatically, scalably and

Track & improve

Keep a historical record
of failures

Identify root cause
of equipment

Why Ignition?

Unlimited Licensing Model​
Scalable Server-Client Architecture​
System Security and Stability
Cross-Platform Compatibility
Align with ISA-95
One Universal Platform​
Run Web-Clients on Desktop or Mobile
Modular Configurability​
Based on Open Technology Standards​

Digital Transformation Roadmap

How we solve industrial problems with Industry 4.0 technologies

Track & Trace

ANDON System

Kanban 4.0

Vision System

OEE & Downtime Monitor

Smart Management

Energy Management System

Quality Insight Monitor

Remote Asset Monitoring

Maintence Management

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